DHI / 3D Explainer Animations
3D explainer animations developed for a water management company.
Erasmus + / 2D Animation
2D animation summarizing the Erasmus+ project by the Polish Foundation for the Development of Education.
Husspol Anniversary 3D Animation
An animation illustrating the mission of a company dealing in comprehensive frame construction.
7 Years of Erasmus + / 3D Animation
Animated film for the Foundation for the Development of the Education System summarizing 7 years of the Erasmus + program.
Husspol / Prezi with 3D Animations
Corporate presentation based on 3D animation for a company from the frame and passive construction industry.
CosmoEye / 3D Animation Explainer
3D animation explaining the benefits of implementing the CosmoEye AI system.
Gente Ruthenus, Natione Polonus / The Movie
A full-length fictional documentary about the life of Jan Andruszewski, which is a background for the history of Polish-Ukrainian relations.
Pirate’s Letter / Mobile Game Assets & Animations
Concepts, assets and animations created for an adventure word game.
Spojkar PRO 30 / Video & Photos
Presentation of a new product prepared for a company producing sleeping cabins.
Mazzda - Uważaj na Ruchy / Music Video
Street rap material dressed in a dynamic music video.
Iron Head / Music Video
Comprehensive production of a metal band music video.
Comfort Baby®️ / Promotional Video
A film story about the values that guide the Comfort Baby®️ brand.
VOSTI / Explainer 2D Animation
Uniter.pro / From Branding to 3D Animation
Elevating TMS Startup with Comprehensive Design Solutions.
Hotel Collis / Mixed Reality 3D Animation
3D visualization at the investment site.
Vent Clear Recuperators / 3D Visualizations & Animation
Promotional 3D animation & visuals describing how Vent Clear recuperators work and look like.
Rolls Film / International Exhibition
Package of internationalization services dedicated selected foreign markets.
Riviera Camp / 3D Visualizations & Animation
Holiday Resort promotional animation and exterior 3D visualizations.
MELEX / 3D Animation TV Ad
Fullelectric World of Melex 3D animated TV advertisement.
Extrego Critical Transport / 3D Animation
Short & looped 3D animation dedicated for the opening section of the corporate transport company website.
Kindla Music Showcase / Event Branding
Music industry event branding containing logo, key visual and additional promotional assets.
Apartamenty Zamkowe / Web, 3D & Animation
3D visualizations, animated TV spot & website promoting prestigious residential investment in Rzeszów.
Spojkar / UI/UX & Development, Videos
Web platform equipped with a number of dedicated modules including manageable product configurator.
Vent Clear Recuperation System / 3D Animation
3D animation explaining how recuperation system works and what are its advantages.
Papilio Agency | Photo Session & Video Presentations
Shots and video presentations of gorgeous Papilio hostesses.
DOMO-BEST Easter Egg / 2D Animation
South Park style Easter wishes animation created for an international transport and earthworks company.
GP Gliders / Promotional Videos
Set of motion productions announcing and promoting GP Gliders products.
Maxton Design Wörthersee Tour 2017 / Aftermovie
The unforgettable journey to European automotive heaven with Maxton Design. One of the most popular Wörthersee movies.
Kami Beauty Salon / Website, Photos & Video
Modern responsive website, professional photo shoot and promotional video for a unique beauty salon.
Famur / Animated Corporate Video
Animated corporate video explaining the company's consolidation process of Polish mining-related industry and introduces the Famur's story of becoming the national leader.
IZFiA / 2D Animation
The animation prepared for the 2016 Investment Funds Forum in Warsaw.
100 Mile Forest / Theater Scenography Animation Set
A set of animation sequences designed to perform as a background of the real world theater stage.
Railway Station in Warsaw / Visuals & Animation
3D visualization and animation for investment promotion (3D modeling, texturing, materials, underground elevation design, video editing).
ECA Youth Academies Study / Motion Graphics
The motion graphics summarizing the results of the biggest survey ever conducted by ECA and LTT Sports.
3s Data Center / Motion Graphics
Explanation video created on the basis of the existing brand's key visual, explaining e.g. what is the scope of the cluster's operation and where its data centers are located.
SAVIO Keyboard / Product CGI & Packaging Design
Gaming keyboard 3D visualization & product's packaging design with 3 different lighting color variants.
Reslogistic / Animated Promotional Video
2D animation explaining how Reslogistic works to provide high quality logistic services.
GPT 3 AXIOM / Reveal Teaser & Interactive Presentation
Animation and interactive visualization of GPT3 Axiom trailer used for gliders transportation.
Raceism 2k17 / Video & Photo coverage
Raceism Event 2k17 video & photo coverage for Maxton Design (car tuning elements manufacturer).
Psycho Visions - March of Mannequin / Music Video
Official music video for "March of Mannequin" from the album "Inflect".
Rolls / Branding, DTP, Website, Videos & more
The whole brand, advertising & interactive design for the most innovative and revolutionary stretch film packaging solutions.
Wilk Tactical / Videos Production & WebDesign
Marketing project, fully executed in our studio from strategy to implementation, for company specializes in combat training services.
Douglas - Mother's Day / Video
Mother's Day competition film created for Douglas perfumery.
1000 Sleepless Dreams - Infinitely / Music Video
1000 Sleepless Dreams official music video for song "Infinitely".
Metoda 1000 słów / 2D animation
2D animation created from scratch, advertising a unique English learning method called "1000 words". Animation was made on the basis of 55 illustrations drawn specially for the project.
Infinity / Animated Video Ad
2D animation ad for Infinity (Search Engine Optimization agency) which makes people aware of choosing cheap, fast and ineffective methods of web advertising.
BMW M3 by Maxton Design / Short Video
Video presentation of Maxton Design democar - BMW M3 E92.
Andruszewski Manor House / Realtime 3D Walkthrough
Nineteenth-Century Andruszewski's manor house real-time 3D presentation based on sketches, photos and the last resident's stories.
Prague Car Festival 2017 / Aftermovie & Photo
Prague Car Festival aftermovie & photo coverage with Maxton Desing crew (worldwide car tuning elements manufacturer).
RTiP / 3D Animation
Abstract 3D animation illustrating the mission of a law firm in a metaphoric way.
Vinci Construction - Empower Sustainability Day / Video
Video summarizing Empower Sustainability Day, revisiting the commitment to Leadership after completing a leadership learning program.
Touge Drift Trening - Izdebki 2015 / Aftermovie
Video recorded during touge drift event in Izdebki (south east Poland) in autumn 2015.
STALKONCEPT / Website, Videos, Prints
We took comprehensive care of its website, identity materials, print ads and promotional videos - from strategy and concept to final execution.
From Afar - A Metaphor / Music Video
Go! Straight ahead, the way that makes you feel good, lets you be yourself, but stronger.
Lemonade Studio Office Art
Office art making off - 3 days of work condensed in a short video.
Cosmodent / Promotional Video & Photo Shoot
A promotional video created for Cosmodent modern dentistry as a part of a comprehensive brand identity campaign.
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