Softline Lingerie / Inflame Your Senses
An extensive project covering communication, strategic and content activities for an erotic lingerie brand.
Warda Law Firm / Branding & WWW
Visual identification and website for a new brand in the legal world
CosmoEye / Branding & DTP
Extensive and comprehensive branding dedicated to a brand implementing AI-based solutions.
IntelliseqFlow / Visual Identity
Visual Identity for an automatic genome interpretation platform for next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) data.
ProDentica / Branding
Complex brand identification created for a dental offices network.
Maxton Floor / Branding & 3D Animation
Visual identification and 3D animation dedicated to the modular floor system.
Mateusz Kulka - Manual Therapy / Branding
Branding for a personal brand operating in the physiotherapy industry.
Zielone Porąbki / Branding, Web, DTP & 3D
A comprehensive set of works for a residential investment - from visual identification, DTP, website to 3D visualizations. / From Branding to 3D Animation
Elevating TMS Startup with Comprehensive Design Solutions.
Art Dent / Branding & Website
The Art of a Beautiful Smile - branding, clue & one-page website.
Barbara Mróz / Personal Brand ID & Website
Personal Brand Identity and One Page Website.
Europe Technics / Branding
Industrial installation company brandbook.
A&A General Distribution / Branding & Website
Dietary supplements distributor visual identity and website.
Bitcoin Vault / Branding
Reversible transactions cryptocurrency brandbook.
Bi Beauty / Branding & DTP
Beauty salon visual identity.
TIP TOP Household Cleaning
Household cleaning products logo and packaging design.
Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji / Visual Identity
Innovation hub complete visual identification system.
Riviera Camp / Branding & Website
Huge multidisciplinary project carried out for the unique holiday resort.
Extrego / Selected Print Materials
Selected identity and promotional materials designed for critical transport company and its brands.
NZOZ Karaś / Website
Dental & Medical Center website focused on readability and clarity
Stal-tech / Branding & Prints
Branding and prints created for steel halls manufacturer.
Promedica Medical Center / Branding & Website
Medical center branding, key visual creation and extensive portal design and development.
Kindla Music Showcase / Event Branding
Music industry event branding containing logo, key visual and additional promotional assets.
Maxton Design / Streetwear Photoshoot
Maxton Design merchandise streetwear collection photos - product shots and lookbook.
Rydzowski / Identification and Print Materials
Insurance company identification materials and offer brochures prepared for printing.
Savio Gaming / Visual Identity & Packaging Design
Creative power up for the new player on the gaming market including complete brand identity.
Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji / Website & Logo
Logo design & comprehensive responsive website implementation for Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji (PCI).
Lubelska Fundacja Inicjatyw Ekologicznych / Logo
Logo and key visual design dedicated for the company delivering specialized consulting services.
Techmilling / One Page Website & Logo
Simple, aesthetic one page website for CNC milling company.
Talent Academy / Website & Social Content
Responsive onepage website equipped with LemonadeStudio.CMS & social content consistent with the brand's ID.
Maxton Design / Logo Refresh & Apparel
Logo refresh for world famous tuning parts manufacturer.
Przystanek Kraśnik / 3D Visualizations & Branding
Architectural Concept, Visualization & Branding crafted for Przystanek Kraśnik - modern, multifunctional urban space.
Klin Adwokaci / Branding
Simple & clean branding for Klin Adwokaci, a family law firm run by a young married couple.
Osiedle Rubinowa / ID, Website, 3D Floor Plans, DTP
Comprehensive visual and interactive services provided for the residential estate investment.
Rolls / Branding, DTP, Website, Videos & more
The whole brand, advertising & interactive design for the most innovative and revolutionary stretch film packaging solutions.
Lux&Art Studio / ID, Website, PhotoShoot & DTP
Comprehensive image campain for Lux&Art Studio, the manufacturer of the high quality custom-made furniture.
Jard Creative / Branding
Comprehensive brand identification service for company specializing in large format printing & visual advertising.
Husspol / Brand Identity, Website, 3D, Copywriting
The comprehensive set of creative & interactive services (branding, UI/UX, website development, 3D visualizations & copywriting) for the company that specializes in the construction of buildings using the timber frame system.
AQUA Car Cosmetics / Branding & Packaging Design
The brand identity and packaging design for high quality car detailing cosmetics producer.
Logo Collection
Logotypes collection designed in our studio.
STALKONCEPT / Website, Videos, Prints
We took comprehensive care of its website, identity materials, print ads and promotional videos - from strategy and concept to final execution.
Fryderyk Spytkowski - Radca prawny / Branding & WWW
Brand identity and full screen website & development for Fryderyk Spytkowski, legal counsel from Rzeszów.
Anita Kazienko-Jóźwik / Website & Branding
Fully responsive one page website & logo for the great dermatologist - Anita Kazienko-Jóźwik.
Kvadrat Projekt / Website & Branding
Comprehensive identification and website services for the handmade furniture brand creating unique and functional forms.
Lodotwórcy / Brand Identity
Comprehensive care of branding and promotional materials design for Thai ice cream brand.
LED DEL / Branding & Brochure
Brand identity and catalog design for a LED lighting company.
New Life - Health and Fitness Center / ID & Website
Complete branding, promotional print ads & web design for New Life - Health & Fitness Center.
Bones / Branding & Website
Complete branding & website for the company operating in the baking industry.
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy / 3D, Branding & Print Ads
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy, traditional polish drink brand - full rebranding, CGI, print ads & more.
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