CosmoEye is a Polish system using artificial intelligence, whose operation in the broadest sense comes down to improving and optimizing business processes in companies of various business profiles and improving work safety.

It processes images from video cameras in a very fast time thanks to AI algorithms. The system provides companies using video surveillance with solutions that allow them to find, recognize and classify events on the screen and take appropriate actions to solve common problems faced by companies.

Creating complex and clear visual identity, that will be remembered by potential customers, was a challenge we had to face. Branding, which we dealt with comprehensively, applies to all communication channels used by the company.​​​​​​​
The extensive brand book (more than 100 pages) contains information divided into individual areas, including:

- Identification purpose Logo (varations, rules, sizes, responsiveness)
- ID System (colors, typography, iconography)
- Key Visual
- Communication design (including pics, DTP, wayfinding)
- Digital marketing (social media, e-mail marketing, Internet Ads, PPT presentations, Landing Page Template, Web App UI, Mobile App, Wallpapers, Screensaver & more)
- Gadgets
- Trade fair expositions & more

All this information forms a communication strategy, which is a tool and a plan for achieving the goals of a coherent image campaign.

Additional materials we dealt with as part of this order included explainer videos, company car wraps, sales presentations, advertising folders, greeting cards, and post templates for various social media that the brand uses for communication. In other words - we delivered comprehensive range of high quality services to meet all CosmoEye’s digital and visual needs.

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