Softline Lingerie / Inflame Your Senses
An extensive project covering communication, strategic and content activities for an erotic lingerie brand.
Spojkar / Vector Illustrations
Set of vector illustrations prepared for the leading Polish manufacturer of aerodynamic packages for trucks and delivery vehicles. / Trade Fair Booth
Innovative transport management system trade fair booth design.
CosmoEye / Branding & DTP
Extensive and comprehensive branding dedicated to a brand implementing AI-based solutions.
Riviera Camp / Printed Materials (DTP)
Information and advertisement printed materials design for a wonderful holiday resort.
ProDentica / Branding
Complex brand identification created for a dental offices network.
Maxton Floor / Branding & 3D Animation
Visual identification and 3D animation dedicated to the modular floor system.
Zielone Porąbki / Branding, Web, DTP & 3D
A comprehensive set of works for a residential investment - from visual identification, DTP, website to 3D visualizations. / From Branding to 3D Animation
Elevating TMS Startup with Comprehensive Design Solutions.
Barbara Mróz / Personal Brand ID & Website
Personal Brand Identity and One Page Website.
A&A General Distribution / Branding & Website
Dietary supplements distributor visual identity and website.
Vent Clear / Recuperation Product Catalogue
Product sales promotion on domestic and foreign markets.
Rolls Film / International Exhibition
Package of internationalization services dedicated selected foreign markets.
Bi Beauty / Branding & DTP
Beauty salon visual identity.
TIP TOP Household Cleaning
Household cleaning products logo and packaging design.
Spojkar Workshop / Vector Artwork
Cool artwork created for car customizing and individual aero kits production workshop.
Extrego / Selected Print Materials
Selected identity and promotional materials designed for critical transport company and its brands.
Maxton Design Audi R8
Maxton Design Audi R8 3D render prepared for the Ultrace event.
Stal-tech / Branding & Prints
Branding and prints created for steel halls manufacturer.
Promedica Medical Center / Branding & Website
Medical center branding, key visual creation and extensive portal design and development.
Kindla Music Showcase / Event Branding
Music industry event branding containing logo, key visual and additional promotional assets.
Bio Energy Group / Selected Print Materials
Roll-up, packaging design, banner, stickers, gift cards and more print materials created for pellet producer.
Invest in Kraśnik / Landing Page & Brochures
Landing page and materials promoting the city's offer addressed to potential investors.
Spiroflex / Print Ads
Spiroflex magazine advertisement based on a 3D house render and large format banner.
ARGE / Leaflets
Leaflets promoting products belonging to the Arge Paliwa brand.
Budda.TV / Promotional Brochure
Brochure promoting YouTube celebrity, entrepreneur, automotive enthusiast and an active lifestyle lover.
GP Gliders / Magazine Advertisement
Advertisement promoting the American branch of the gliding company.
Rydzowski / Identification and Print Materials
Insurance company identification materials and offer brochures prepared for printing.
Bio Energy Group / Exhibition Booth Project
Complete exhibition booth design dedicated for wood pellet producer.
Savio Gaming / Visual Identity & Packaging Design
Creative power up for the new player on the gaming market including complete brand identity.
Lux&Art Studio / ID, Website, PhotoShoot & DTP
Comprehensive image campain for Lux&Art Studio, the manufacturer of the high quality custom-made furniture.
Osiedle Rubinowa / ID, Website, 3D Floor Plans, DTP
Comprehensive visual and interactive services provided for the residential estate investment.
Rolls / Branding, DTP, Website, Videos & more
The whole brand, advertising & interactive design for the most innovative and revolutionary stretch film packaging solutions.
Lodotwórcy / Brand Identity
Comprehensive care of branding and promotional materials design for Thai ice cream brand.
AQUA Car Cosmetics / Branding & Packaging Design
The brand identity and packaging design for high quality car detailing cosmetics producer.
LED DEL / Branding & Brochure
Brand identity and catalog design for a LED lighting company.
SAVIO Keyboard / Product CGI & Packaging Design
Gaming keyboard 3D visualization & product's packaging design with 3 different lighting color variants.
Madson / Medicine Packaging Design
Set of drug packaging designs for the Madson company's products.
New Life - Health and Fitness Center / ID & Website
Complete branding, promotional print ads & web design for New Life - Health & Fitness Center.
STALKONCEPT / Website, Videos, Prints
We took comprehensive care of its website, identity materials, print ads and promotional videos - from strategy and concept to final execution.
Śnieżka Exhibition Stand / Graphic Design
Śnieżka Stand Graphic Design for PSB Exhibition, Kielce.
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy / 3D, Branding & Print Ads
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy, traditional polish drink brand - full rebranding, CGI, print ads & more.
Primadent Detanl Clinic / Posters
Primadent Dental Clinic posters published in the Pure Fitness Club locker rooms.
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