Modern Boy Bedroom Design
Design for a Young Automotive Enthusiast's Room
Minimalist house in warm colors
The comprehensive interior design project of a single-family house with a mezzanine.
DHI / 3D Explainer Animations
3D explainer animations developed for a water management company.
Residential Investment Visualizations
Residential investment visualizations along with conceptual land development.
Husspol Anniversary 3D Animation
An animation illustrating the mission of a company dealing in comprehensive frame construction.
7 Years of Erasmus + / 3D Animation
Animated film for the Foundation for the Development of the Education System summarizing 7 years of the Erasmus + program
Capital Towers Łańcut / 3D Visualizations
Architectural 3D visualizations of a residential investment in Łańcut.
Mattresses Product Visualizations
Product visualizations creation for a diverse collection of mattresses. / Trade Fair Booth
Innovative transport management system trade fair booth design.
Husspol / Prezi with 3D Animations
Corporate presentation based on 3D animation for a company from the frame and passive construction industry.
CosmoEye / 3D Animation Explainer
3D animation explaining the benefits of implementing the CosmoEye AI system.
Bed Elements / Product Visualizations
Visualizations prepared for the presentation of bed frames and headboards.
MOSiR Kraśnik / 3D Visualizations
3D visualizations of the modernized municipal swimming pool.
Śnieżka Acryl Putz / Product CGI
3D renderings of Acryl Putz paints.
Maxton Floor / Branding & 3D Animation
Visual identification and 3D animation dedicated to the modular floor system.
Pastel baby room / Interior Design
Pastel room for a baby - concept interior design 
Teenager's loft room / Interior Design
Loft room for a teenager- concept interior design 
Scandi style bedroom / Interior Design
Scandinavian-style bedroom - concept interior design 
Zielone Porąbki / Branding, Web, DTP & 3D
A comprehensive set of works for a residential investment - from visual identification, DTP, website to 3D visualizations.
Provence style kitchen / Interior Design
Provence style kitchen with dining area - concept interior design.
Rustic bathroom / Interior Design
Rustic style bathroom - concept interior design. / From Branding to 3D Animation
Elevating TMS Startup with Comprehensive Design Solutions.
Loft Apartment / Interior Design
The design of modern style loft.
Music studio / Interior Design
Concept for the interior of a music studio located on the ground floor of a single-family house.
Dark Glamour Living Room / Interior Design
Dark glamour style living room.
Pink Bedroom / Interior Design
Concept of a feminine bedroom.
Hotel Collis / Mixed Reality 3D Animation
3D visualization at the investment site.
Vent Clear Recuperators / 3D Visualizations & Animation
Promotional 3D animation & visuals describing how Vent Clear recuperators work and look like.
Historic Tenement House / 3D Visualizations
3D visualizations of a historic tenement house created based on a provided construction design.
Riviera Camp / 3D Visualizations & Animation
Holiday Resort promotional animation and exterior 3D visualizations.
Riviera Camp / Interior Design
A comprehensive interior design of two year-round houses.
MELEX / 3D Animation TV Ad
Fullelectric World of Melex 3D animated TV advertisement.
Extrego Critical Transport / 3D Animation
Short & looped 3D animation dedicated for the opening section of the corporate transport company website.
Maxton Design Audi R8
Maxton Design Audi R8 3D render prepared for the Ultrace event.
Apartamenty Zamkowe / Web, 3D & Animation
3D visualizations, animated TV spot & website promoting prestigious residential investment in Rzeszów.
Vent Clear Recuperation System / 3D Animation
3D animation explaining how recuperation system works and what are its advantages.
Bio Energy Group / Exhibition Booth Project
Complete exhibition booth design dedicated for wood pellet producer.
Sensation Perfume / Packshots, Product CGI
Perfume bottle and packaging CGI template ready for self-editing
Przystanek Kraśnik / 3D Visualizations & Branding
Architectural Concept, Visualization & Branding crafted for Przystanek Kraśnik - modern, multifunctional urban space.
100 Mile Forest / Theater Scenography Animation Set
A set of animation sequences designed to perform as a background of the real world theater stage.
Industrial LOFT Apartment / Interior Design & VR
3D visualization of industrial interior including 360° view and the VR experience.
Osiedle Rubinowa / ID, Website, 3D Floor Plans, DTP
Comprehensive visual and interactive services provided for the residential estate investment.
Wristband / Product CGI, 3D Visualization
Comprehensive 3D visualization service including modeling, rendering & animation based on the real prototype.
31 Square Meter Small Flat / Interior Design
Concept design and visualization of the entire 31 sq. m flat - warm, cozy and functional interior giving the feeling of "breathe".
Railway Station in Warsaw / Visuals & Animation
3D visualization and animation for investment promotion (3D modeling, texturing, materials, underground elevation design, video editing).
DS Energia / Photovoltaic Cells 3D Visualization
3D visualizations of photovoltaic cells and the entire system installation solutions.
SAVIO Keyboard / Product CGI & Packaging Design
Gaming keyboard 3D visualization & product's packaging design with 3 different lighting color variants.
Husspol / Brand Identity, Website, 3D, Copywriting
The comprehensive set of creative & interactive services (branding, UI/UX, website development, 3D visualizations & copywriting) for the company that specializes in the construction of buildings using the timber frame system.
Modern Apartment / Interior Design
3D visualizations and 360° view of a modern, spacious apartment based on our concept design.
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy / 3D, Branding & Print Ads
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy, traditional polish drink brand - full rebranding, CGI, print ads & more.
GPT 3 AXIOM / Reveal Teaser & Interactive Presentation
Animation and interactive visualization of GPT3 Axiom trailer used for gliders transportation.
RTiP / 3D Animation
Abstract 3D animation illustrating the mission of a law firm in a metaphoric way.
Śnieżka / Product CGI
A few sets of 3D product pack shots comprehensively developed for the Śnieżka paint factory.
Goodbye, Africa / Ethnic Bedroom Interior Design
Cozy, warm interior rich in natural textures. Inspired by Africa travels.
Navy Blue Dining Room / Interior Design
Eccentric, modern interior with Scandinavian accents completed by copper additives.
Green kitchen / Interior design
Concept, design and visualisation of a modern, ergonomic green kitchen with a dining space.
Scandinavian Childroom / Interior Design
A bright, spacious Scandinavian style room design for the youngest members of the family.
MAGNAT / Product CGI
Realistic, hi-resolution Magnat product visualizations (packages and testers) for marketing purposes.
Modern Living Room / Interior Design
Full of contrasts interior warmed by the cozy carpet, wooden materials and a bio fireplace.
Andruszewski Manor House / Realtime 3D Walkthrough
Nineteenth-Century Andruszewski's manor house real-time 3D presentation based on sketches, photos and the last resident's stories.
Bright Flat / Interior Design
The goal was to create and visualize an interior design of 44 square meter flat.
Bathroom in Bieszczady Mountains / Interior Design
Spacious and extraordinary bathroom filled with light. This comfortable and one of a kind interior harmonizes with a stunning window view.
Mazda Savanna GT RX-3 (1975) / CGI
The 3D model of Mazda Savanna GT RX-3 (1975) created in real units of measurment.
Minimal Bathroom / Interior Design
Concept design of a functional, minimalistic bathroom dominated by simple solids.
MAGNAT Blackboard Paint / Interior Design Ideas
Magnat Blackboard Paint & Magnetic Blackboard Paint concept interior design ideas.
42 Square Meter Clean Flat / Interior Design
The goal was to create and visualize an interior design of 42 square meter flat. Interior project was the basis for furnishing the whole flat.
Madson / Medicine Packaging Design
Set of drug packaging designs for the Madson company's products.
Garage Makeover / Interior Design
Complex garage makeover design consisting of concepts, visualizations and lists of materials, furniture and decorations.
French-style Bedroom / Interior Design
French-style bedroom - concept interior design and 3D visualizations for paint presentation purposes.
Vidaron / Product CGI
The set of 3D product pack shots prepared for the Vidaron brand.
Cosmic Childroom / Interior Design
Living space for a young explorer.
MAGNAT / Concept Interior Designs
Concepts, designs and interior visualizations created for Magnat product catalog publication and 360 web/app presentation.
Sanus Familia / Architectural Visualization
External facade of a commercial building & medical clinic interior design.
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