Maxton Design Audi R8
Maxton Design Audi R8 3D render prepared for the Ultrace event.
Apartamenty Zamkowe / Web, 3D & Animation
3D visualizations, animated TV spot & website promoting prestigious residential investment in Rzeszów.
Vent Clear Recuperation System / 3D Animation
3D animation explaining how recuperation system works and what are its advantages.
Bio Energy Group / Exhibition Booth Project
Complete exhibition booth design dedicated for wood pellet producer.
Sensation Perfume / Packshots, Product CGI
Perfume bottle and packaging CGI template ready for self-editing
Przystanek Kraśnik / 3D Visualizations & Branding
Architectural Concept, Visualization & Branding crafted for Przystanek Kraśnik - modern, multifunctional urban space.
100 Mile Forest / Theater Scenography Animation Set
A set of animation sequences designed to perform as a background of the real world theater stage.
Industrial LOFT Apartment / Interior Design & VR
3D visualization of industrial interior including 360° view and the VR experience.
Osiedle Rubinowa / ID, Website, 3D Floor Plans, DTP
Comprehensive visual and interactive services provided for the residential estate investment.
Wristband / Product CGI, 3D Visualization
Comprehensive 3D visualization service including modeling, rendering & animation based on the real prototype.
31 Square Meter Small Flat / Interior Design
Concept design and visualization of the entire 31 sq. m flat - warm, cozy and functional interior giving the feeling of "breathe".
Railway Station in Warsaw / Visuals & Animation
3D visualization and animation for investment promotion (3D modeling, texturing, materials, underground elevation design, video editing).
DS Energia / Photovoltaic Cells 3D Visualization
3D visualizations of photovoltaic cells and the entire system installation solutions.
SAVIO Keyboard / Product CGI & Packaging Design
Gaming keyboard 3D visualization & product's packaging design with 3 different lighting color variants.
Husspol / Brand Identity, Website, 3D, Copywriting
The comprehensive set of creative & interactive services (branding, UI/UX, website development, 3D visualizations & copywriting) for the company that specializes in the construction of buildings using the timber frame system.
Modern Apartment / Interior Design
3D visualizations and 360° view of a modern, spacious apartment based on our concept design.
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy / 3D, Branding & Print Ads
Oranżada z Kąkolewnicy, traditional polish drink brand - full rebranding, CGI, print ads & more.
GPT 3 AXIOM / Reveal Teaser & Interactive Presentation
Animation and interactive visualization of GPT3 Axiom trailer used for gliders transportation.
RTiP / 3D Animation
Abstract 3D animation illustrating the mission of a law firm in a metaphoric way.
Śnieżka / Product CGI
A few sets of 3D product pack shots comprehensively developed for the Śnieżka paint factory.
Goodbye, Africa / Ethnic Bedroom Interior Design
Cozy, warm interior rich in natural textures. Inspired by Africa travels.
Navy Blue Dining Room / Interior Design
Eccentric, modern interior with Scandinavian accents completed by copper additives.
Green kitchen / Interior design
Concept, design and visualisation of a modern, ergonomic green kitchen with a dining space.
Scandinavian Childroom / Interior Design
A bright, spacious Scandinavian style room design for the youngest members of the family.
MAGNAT / Product CGI
Realistic, hi-resolution Magnat product visualizations (packages and testers) for marketing purposes.
Modern Living Room / Interior Design
Full of contrasts interior warmed by the cozy carpet, wooden materials and a bio fireplace.
Andruszewski Manor House / Realtime 3D Walkthrough
Nineteenth-Century Andruszewski's manor house real-time 3D presentation based on sketches, photos and the last resident's stories.
Bright Flat / Interior Design
The goal was to create and visualize an interior design of 44 square meter flat.
Bathroom in Bieszczady Mountains / Interior Design
Spacious and extraordinary bathroom filled with light. This comfortable and one of a kind interior harmonizes with a stunning window view.
Mazda Savanna GT RX-3 (1975) / CGI
The 3D model of Mazda Savanna GT RX-3 (1975) created in real units of measurment.
Minimal Bathroom / Interior Design
Concept design of a functional, minimalistic bathroom dominated by simple solids.
MAGNAT Blackboard Paint / Interior Design Ideas
Magnat Blackboard Paint & Magnetic Blackboard Paint concept interior design ideas.
42 Square Meter Clean Flat / Interior Design
The goal was to create and visualize an interior design of 42 square meter flat. Interior project was the basis for furnishing the whole flat.
Madson / Medicine Packaging Design
Set of drug packaging designs for the Madson company's products.
Garage Makeover / Interior Design
Complex garage makeover design consisting of concepts, visualizations and lists of materials, furniture and decorations.
French-style Bedroom / Interior Design
French-style bedroom - concept interior design and 3D visualizations for paint presentation purposes.
Vidaron / Product CGI
The set of 3D product pack shots prepared for the Vidaron brand.
Cosmic Childroom / Interior Design
Living space for a young explorer.
MAGNAT / Concept Interior Designs
Concepts, designs and interior visualizations created for Magnat product catalog publication and 360 web/app presentation.
Sanus Familia / Architectural Visualization
External facade of a commercial building & medical clinic interior design.
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