DHI is a company involved in the broad field of water management.

During our longstanding collaboration, which continues to this day, we have developed a series of 3D explainer animations, establishing a style characteristic for the brand.

The role of each was to present the results of projects implemented by DHI in selected cities (such as Toruń, Wrocław, Kołobrzeg, Tarnów, Katowice, Kalisz, or the fictional city of IFAT). Each project involved the implementation of tools supporting the supervision of the sewer network's functioning and plans for its expansion.

DHI was responsible for the supply and implementation of the IT tools. The received tools and the conducted measurement campaign of the sewer/stormwater network were used to build and calibrate a hydraulic model. This model allows for the simulation of the sewer network's operation and the analysis of potential urban flooding spots, which is crucial for planning future investments.

Our animated presentations summarize the completed projects for each of the selected cities, focusing on their characteristic elements.

Below, we present a brief compilation of selected scenes used in these productions.

We took care of the production comprehensively, performing conceptual work, 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and post-production.
Selected buidling blocks created in our studio to build cities.

Client testimonials

"What sets Lemonade Studio apart is their artistic vision and style, as well as talent and creativity."

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