Uniter.Pro® is an innovative software that encompasses all the features of a transportation management system (TMS), providing comprehensive solutions including management of the logistics process, automation of transport planning ensuring the highest level of optimization and control.

Our presentation showcases the comprehensive work we have done for this promising startup. We provided consulting and design services, including branding, visual identity materials, DTP, sales presentation creation, application UI and the complete design and implementation of a responsive website equipped with a custom CMS (Content Management System) and various modules such as a blog, system features, case studies, and system updates. 

Additionally, we created a detailed 3D explainer animation that illustrates what Uniter.pro is, how it works, its potential applications and functionalities.
See online: www.uniter.pro


System features


Blog post

Price list

The pricing module, integrated within the website, is a standalone web application that allows customers to generate custom-tailored quotes by modifying a series of interdependent options. Customers can see the price calculation in real-time and, upon acceptance, proceed to place an order.

The module can be managed through the website's administrative system, enabling the addition or modification of individual options and their dependencies.

We comprehensively developed the 3D animation, starting from concept creation, scriptwriting, copywriting, voiceover, and all the way to the final result. 

The extensive explainer animation, lasting over 8 minutes, provides a detailed overview of the problem the system solves, its mission, how it operates, and most importantly, how it can assist companies operating in the transportation and logistics industry (TSL).​​​​​​​

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