Comprehensive project of two year-round houses - 4 and 6 persons, with an area of 33 m2 and 50.73 m2.

Functional systems have been re-created, adapted to the needs of different age groups and people with disabilities. The project also included a full technical design, selection of materials, furniture, accessories and a cost estimate.

Both interiors have common elements and features, but they differ in terms of colors taken from the identification of the center - dark navy blue and bottle green. These colors were complemented by a light, natural shade of wood, white, shades of gray, as well as a returning to grace terrazzo structure.

4 person house (30 m2)
6 person house (50.73 m2)

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Client testimonials

"I highly, highly recommend Lemonade Studio. It is a great team of young, creative,
inventive people who are not afraid of challenges!"

Marta Kardaś / General Manager

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