Husspol's speciality is the construction of buildings using the timber frame system and providing them with a comprehensive finish, while maintaining strict Scandinavian quality standards. 

Their goal is to transfer those standards to our home (polish) market and to promote the durable, economical and energy-efficient buildings in this technology. Lemonade Studio's task was to equip the company with the tools and create the brand identity which will allow it to accomplish that ambitious challenge. This project contain the full package of different services, all of them prepared from scratch in our studio, 100% in-house.

Brand Identity | WebDesign & Development | 3D Visualizations | Copywriting​​​​​​​

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Client testimonials

"Professionalism, creativity, reliability and timeliness are their main features. Individual approach and 24/7 contact are following positives of our cooperation, thanks to which every doubt or problem encountered was immediately resolved and turned into further concepts and visualizations. I did not expect such an effect, an effect that pleases the eye, it will represent us and thanks to which we are no longer anonymous. Now I know that our cooperation was a bull's-eye and a pure pleasure to which I will definitely come back again! You are great !!!"

Adrian Majewski / Owner

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