The City Hall's website is its showcase on the Internet and a place where the local government contacts with local residents, potential investors and tourists. The high level of accessibility of structured information dedicated to each of these groups is therefore crucial, as is compliance with WCAG 2.0 and W3C standards. We have risen to the challenge, reconciling the extensive expectations related with the website with a tight implementation deadline.

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The start of cooperation has posed us with the greatest challenge of the whole process, i.e. a thorough analysis of the needs and controlling the information chaos on the then-going side of the city. Among the many problems faced by the local government, the most important ones are the problems with managing the website content and the outdated graphic design, which made it impossible to intuitively navigate through it.

The time-consuming transition through the information design stage resulted in the development of mock-ups of the most important views, and as a result, in the creation of a new, individual graphic design, in accordance with the RWD standard. Thanks to the responsiveness, which is already a standard nowadays, the portal is accessible to users using both mobile and stationary devices.

A clear, safe and intuitive LemonadeStudio.CMS content management system, due to the multitude of implemented, dedicated modules, has been additionally equipped with a system of help for administrators, which suggest what functionalities each of them contains.

Site optimization, both in terms of its construction and rendering time, is nowadays an essential aspect allowing us to gain high positions in the SEO ranking, so we also kept that in mind during the implementation.

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Client testimonials

"Cooperation with Lemonade Studio ran perfectly. This extremely hardworking and meticulous team fully met our requirements for the implementation of the internet portal, surpassing the expectations related to it. Professional knowledge, open minds, a very high level of creativity and effectiveness in solving problems are the features of each of its members. These are people committed to their work and implemented projects who put in them not only their skills and experience, but also the heart. (...)"

Piotr Janczarek Deputy mayor of the City of Kraśnik

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