Wilk Tactical - civilians and uniformed services combat training.

The great potential of the business was the basis of the marketing project, that was fully executed
in Lemonade Studio - from strategy to implementation. Our task was to build the company's image
and increase the sales through comprehensive actions which include:

- film production (training & ad videos)
- training blu-ray discs (authoring, covers, translations)
- website creation (design & development)
- CGI (interlude animation)
Film productions (training & ad videos)
Website creation (design & development)
CGI (interlude animation)
Client testimonials

"It is impossible to describe how much the Lemonade Studio team contributed to the promotion of my company through their creativity and visions. Thanks to you, Wilk Tactical has become a brand known not only in Poland, but also in the world. Therefore, my gratitude is immense."

Marcin Parus / Owner

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