Janów Lubelski has started cooperation with us in order to comprehensively implement a new city website dedicated to residents, business and tourism, putting the greatest emphasis especially on the last of the above-mentioned categories.

The extensive portal, in line with the accessibility standards, consists of numerous modules that are managed from the LemonadeStudio.CMS system level by representatives of various departments. It is possible thanks to the delegation of access rights with the help of which administrators can create groups of users that can modify selected functionalities in diffrent sections.

User-friendliness, for both users and moderators, was also one of the criteria for building the new website.

Our work included consultations, assistance in designing and organizing information, UI/UX design, software development, optimization and launch on a selected server.

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EU projects
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Janów's Newspaper
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Client testimonials

"The task was perfectly done. We were impressed with the intuition of the designers and the entire team involved in creating the website. (...) Cooperation with Lemonade Studio was a great pleasure and with all responsibility we can recommend it as a reliable contractor."

Krzysztof Kołtyś / Mayor of Janów Lubelski

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