Grafores, as an Internet printing house, uses the services of many suppliers, from whose databases goods such as calendars and gadgets are obtained. A very large number of products and the need to organize them in order to properly present them to the company's customers were the main motivation to create websites that automate these processes.

We provided a dedicated solution in the form of two similar web applications:

Their goal is to automate the synchronization process of warehouse databases from many different suppliers using various integration methods and present the products in the attractive way online to printing house customers.

Using the category management module, the website automatically segregates the imported goods, placing them in categories defined by the administrator. You can combine different categories into one or create your own structure.

The update process is automatic, thanks to which the portals are almost maintenance-free.

The manageable commission system is also worth mentioning, in connection with which you can set a commission for goods from each supplier and a convenient search engine using various product attributes.

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