The firm’s scope of interests include sustainable aviation and complementary products, such as high performance PPG and UL propellers, electric self-launching sailplanes and dedicated innovative transportation aircraft trailers.

Part of our extensive cooperation included comprehensive implementation of a website based on a dedicated LemonadeStudio CMS system. We opted for the minimalist nature of the website, emphasizing the clear display of the published content. The website is fully responsive, built of many modules to improve management and optimized for SEO / SEM guidelines.

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Client testimonials

"With this reference letter on behalf of G&J sp. z o.o. I confirm many years of cooperation in the field of broadly understood Internet solutions.

This cooperation allows us to recommend the company as a very reliable and professional contractor, familiar and fluent in using modern technologies and solutions during the implementation of innovative projects carried out at our request.

(...) The combination of outstanding technical technical efficiency of the team and innovative concepts of delivered solutions gave a great final result in implementing technological investments, often going beyond the currently accepted quality standards.

All work was carried out extremely efficiently, on time and in accordance with all the principles of art. Lemonade Studio is distinguished by great commitment, imaginative concept, extraordinary efficiency and organization of work.

We fully recommend Lemonade Studio as an extremely reliable partner in technological investments in the field of comprehensive 3D, video, web & app development services."

Jerzy PeszkeCEO​​​​​​​

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