DS Energy produces clean and cheap energy for home using photovoltaic panels.

One page website

The project designed for parallax scrolling contains 3D rendered product visualizations which complement the website content. 
The website is divided into sections - each of them delivers different type of information about the company and its products e.g.:

 Complete 360° rendered view of photovoltaic panels landscape.

The set of three most popular installation types was rendered and prepared as an interactive slider.

Built-in calculator estimates the costs of a dedicated solar power plant and investment recovery time with optional government donation.​​​​​​​
Affiliate System

The dedicated affiliate system was designed and developed as a web application connected with company’s website. 

It is promoted by a sales landing page containing information about the benefits of joining the program.
The system’s task is to manage and automatically settle the commission of the company's partners, which are able to log, register and view the acquired customers data containing its order details and values.

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